Best Yoga Swings for Aerial Home Yoga 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Are you loving your regular yoga practice but wishing that there was a way to get more out of your body? Maybe you watch the powerful routines of more experienced yogis and wish you had the muscle strength to try their gravity-defying moves. You don’t have to feel behind any more. An innovative yoga tool called the yoga swing, makes even the most difficult moves safe and easy enough for beginners to try. Best of all, you’ll get incredible health benefits as well.

What Is a Yoga Swing? 

Yoga swings, alternatively called yoga trapezes or yoga hammock, are inversion tools designed to give you all the benefits of a high intensity aerial yoga routine, no matter what your skill set is right now. Consisting of a series of ropes, chords, and handles, aerial swings allow you to move your body in postures unimaginable from the ground. You’ll be able to twist your body into full back bends and hang upside down, all while feeling secure in your safety because of your connection to the ropes.

These swings are used by beginners and professionals alike as a fun way to add some different moves to their yoga routine. A popular trend at beaches and gyms, more and more people are experiencing the fun and health benefits of taking their yoga practice in a new direction- off the ground!

The Benefits of a Yoga Inversion Swing

Yoga swings might just seem like a fun toy, but they actually are an incredible way to experience some full body exercise benefits. As it turns out, lots of yoga moves are a whole lot easier to complete when you aren’t dealing with gravity! Yoga aerial swings will help you work on your strength, flexibility and balance by making it easier than ever to perform difficult back bends and abdominal exercises. Because chronic back pain comes from compression of the lumbar vertebrate in your back, just a few minutes on a swing can ease that tension and work out the compression, leaving you feeling better than you thought possible.

Using a aerial swing also requires lots of abdominal muscles, meaning you’ll be giving yourself an intensive workout without even realizing it. A consistent routine on a swing will strengthen every part of your body and help you to stave off injuries for the long term, making you healthier than before.

Adding time on a aerial swing into your weekly workout routine will make every other exercise better, as time on a swing will make you stronger, less injury prone and more able to complete complex yoga poses on the ground.


How To Install

Lots of people refuse to look into a yoga swing because they think they are too difficult to install. This is unfortunate, as yoga trapezes are actually simple to set up just about anywhere. With just a few pieces of high quality installation hardware, you can set up your swing in doorways, on ceilings, on tree branches and even from a swing set or chin up bar.

For true freedom of movement, you can also purchase a yoga swing stand, which is a sturdy platform that allows you to set up your swing anywhere you want, whether that’s in the middle of your backyard or right on the beach. This guide goes into some of the top toga swing platforms on the market today.

Top Yoga Swings For Sale in 2018


There are a wide variety of yoga hammocks available to purchase, and many of them are made out of different types of materials. To find the right swing for you, look for ones made from high quality parachute nylon and that can handle a high weight limit. The better quality material you purchase, the less you will need to worry about any accidents while you are hanging upside down.

Below are some of the top yoga swings available on the market today. Each of these swings is a smart purchase, but they each have their differences as well. You can look through the listing below and find the right yoga hammock for your needs.

YogaBody Naturals Yoga Trapeze

Strengthen and loosen your muscles naturally with the Yogabody yoga trapeze, a device that allows the muscles surrounding your spine to loosen naturally and efficiently, using traction. This aids your back, improves your core strength and increases your complete body flexibility. With a little practice, you’ll be safely swinging away in yoga formations you never thought possible. The pro-grade quality of this model means that it’s the kind used in yoga studios around the world, making your home practice as effective as your time at the gym. With a ten year warranty, you can be be sure to enjoy this trapeze for years to come.

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UpCircleSeven Ultra Strong Antigravity Yoga Hammock 

All you need is a ceiling hook to start getting the benefits of gravity defying yoga on this UpCircleSeven Yoga Trapeze. This high quality trapeze comes in a rainbow of colors, meaning that matching your exercise equipment to your home’s décor has never been easier.  Durable triple stitched swing seat ensure the highest degree of safety during any of your yoga poses. A few minutes a day on this trapeze will quickly work to bring your yoga routines to the next level as well as reduce your stress levels and strengthen and loosen your back and shoulder muscles. The hardware and instructions aren’t included, so be sure to buy what you need before installing this trapeze.

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AGPtEK Deluxe Aerial Yoga Hammock

For those that don’t want to invest the money of more expensive models for their yoga practice, this model from AGPtEK is the perfect solution. As simple to set up as it is to use, this aerial hammock will make your yoga routine easier than ever to follow. The lightweight design is easy to stow away or take traveling with you, and the included hardware means that all you need to set up your hammock is included right in the package. Though this hammock isn’t made from the high quality parachute material that similar models include, the polyester taffeta should still be able to withstand even your most explosive uses.

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Wellsem Deluxe Yoga Hammock

The bright colors alone make this yoga hammock worth using, and the high quality design makes it a no-brainer. With a loading capacity of 2000 pounds, you’ll never have to worry about putting in more weight than it can handle. The high strength nylon material is built to withstand any exercise, meaning that you will soon be swinging your way to better health and greater flexibility. Your neck and back will be fully stretched out, leaving you feeling looser than you thought possible. No accessories are included with your purchase, so be sure to pick up mounting hooks before you decide to install it.

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Wing Swing Inversion Swing

Your inversion yoga routine has never been easier than with this high quality swing from Wing Swing. Made from high strength parachute fabric, this swing will withstand your toughest moves. As a one size fits all design, this swing is lightweight, making it easy to travel with and install wherever you are. Six easy grip handles make it easier than ever to perform complex moves, and adjustable straps allow you to personalize your swing to your exact measurements. With this swing, you’ll soon be enjoying the fully body benefits of a regular inversion yoga routine, and if you aren’t satisfied, Wing Swing’s 100% money back guarantee will work with you until you are.

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GravoTonics Inversion Swing with DVD

GravoTonics yoga inversion swing will allow you to have a completely safe yet fun way to strengthen your posture and work the muscles in your back, abs and pelvis. Any yoga posture possible can be attempted with this prop, and the parachute-quality material ensures that you stay safe in the process. Multiple adjustable handles ensure that you can make this swing into the perfect fit for you, and the included DVD will work you through the moves you need to get stronger. Whether you choose to workout from home or at the park or beach, taking this inversion swing along with you is sure to improve your exercises.

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Yoga Swing Stands

Yoga Body Trapeze Stand

YogaBody Trapeze Stand

The worker can only be as good as her tools, so invest in the best and give yourself the full flexibility of gravity defying movement with this high quality yoga swing stand from Yoga Body. No longer will you be limited to where you can hang your hammock- now exercises can be performed anywhere, even outdoors or at the beach. You’ll be amazed how quickly your body takes to performing complex acrobatic moves, and the stability and durability of this stand ensures that you will stay safe in the process. This stand takes just minutes to set up and can support up to 600 pounds of weight, meaning you can be confident no matter what move to take on. No matter if you are am amateur just starting out or a professional seeking out top of the line products, this yoga stand will be sure to enhance your workouts in all the right ways. The yoga trapeze is sold separately.

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Heavy Duty Porch Indoor Swing Stand

Owning a yoga swing is great, but it’s only as useful to you as the number of times that you use it. Many people buy a swing but don’t have an easy place to hang and use it, meaning that they rarely take it out of the closet and their backs stay stiff and sore instead of getting stretched out through innovative yoga poses. You can solve this problem with a yoga swing stand like this model. Easy to use in any location, this hammock stand lets you take your yoga practice anywhere you want to, no matter if it’s an empty beach or the middle of your house. As easy to assemble as it is to use, this swing stand can be put together in under ten minutes and used immediately. The twenty two interlocking pieces fit together perfectly and the easy to follow instructions make start up a cinch. All materials are covered under a one year warranty, so if you lose or break something you can simply call the company to get it replaced. Note, this stand doesn’t come with a hammock, so you will need to buy that piece separately.

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Aerial Yoga?

Aerial yoga is great for your health and physical health, and becoming more popular. Celebrities are helping to spread the news about this and it is commonly referred to as anti-gravity yoga or aerial yoga. This is a new program that combines Pilates, yoga, aerial movements and calisthenics that is fun and new, combining the full body using a structure that is similar to a hammock. Imagine doing exercises from Cirque du Soleil in your own home!

When you have fun exercising, it is an enormous reducer of stress while gaining significant health bonuses. While many people with back issues find some exercises simply impossible, aerial yoga is very beneficial, even more so than an inversion table. When you do aerial yoga, you are hanging free, which like an inversion table, will let your spinal column lengthen and reduce stress on it. It will give you decompression on the spine that will help you with more comfort and mobility. You will find you have more physical body awareness, more strength and will gain flexibility as well. Many people report that they find improvement in other areas of their lives through awareness and stress reduction.

A gymnast and dancer, Christopher Harrison, built aerial yoga as an exercise program that gives less stress on joints than other programs and gives relief to the vertebra. The body will not only strengthen but increase flexibility through stretching.

The aerial yoga hammock is key to anti-gravity (aerial) yoga. Traditional yoga heavily focuses on breathing, which aerial yoga does not. The hammock is a silky fabric, which provides just enough support to allow the person to move to different positions more easily. With the mix of dance, Pilates, calisthenics and yoga, aerial yoga is not only challenging but interesting to most people.


Good Hints for Aerial Yoga

Are you interested in learning a new activity for health and exercise? Have you seen all the celebrity hype about anti-gravity and aerial yoga? Has that caught your interest a little? Well, here are some tips as you try out this form of exercise:

  • You don’t want to wear loose clothing as it will get caught in the hammock you will use to perform the exercises. Comfortable wear is key.
  • You will not want shoes as they also will get caught in the hammock, so plan on bare feet.
  • Aerial yoga is intense, so as with other exercise programs you will want to be sure to drink plenty of water ahead of time and have a snack so you have the energy reserves you will need.
  • You will be going upside down, so you don’t want to have had acidic foods or drinks before exercise as you are more likely to be uncomfortable after these. Same goes for soda.
  • You will need to have a good grip while performing aerial yoga, so avoid lotion that can make your grip slippery or simply too sticky to get comfortable movement.
  • You will be working in a hammock, so you will not want anything that might catch and get stuck in the hammock, including jewelry, watches, long fingernails or even long toenails. Avoid anything that might get caught while you are performing poses.
  • Aerial yoga is something you will need assistance in learning so locate a professional and learn in a studio.

Check out your local exercise center or fitness club for classes in aerial yoga. Because you are in the air and supported by the hammock, it is an excellent exercise for people of all size and activity level. It may seem intimidating when you first take a look at it, but the benefits are well worth it and as a new and unique exercise it can be quite exciting to learn.