Product Review: YOGABODY Naturals Yoga Trapeze

Searching for new ways to revitalize your yoga practice? It might be time to try out aerial yoga.

Wait, wait. Don’t get scared off yet. The practice might look daunting especially seeing the contraptions and gravity-defying poses that come with it.

But set your fears aside for a moment. Find out what benefits aerial yoga and using a yoga trapeze might have in store for you and your health.

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A short intro to aerial yoga

Aerial yoga is often compared to, sometimes mistaken to be, aerial acrobatics (think Cirque du Soleil minus 20 feet or so). It’s not hard to see why.

Both involve the use of fabric contraptions to lift and bend the body into various poses. And we’re not gonna lie, both make the people who do them look extra graceful and extra cool–if you’re doing it the right way that is.

Aside from making you look like a total badass, aerial yoga can also help alleviate various bodily pains you may be suffering from like neck or back pain. What more, the practice is an excellent way to build your core, back and arm strength over time.

Similar to classic on-the-floor yoga, getting good at aerial yoga takes a lot of time and practice. But trust us, once you successfully (and gracefully) do your first aerial supta konasana, you’ll realize how rewarding it really is.

For those of you who want to be able to practice in the comfort of your own home (because hey, taking weekly classes can add up over time), you can start by looking into buying your own yoga trapeze so you can practice in the comfort of your own home.

What is the YOGABODY  Trapeze?

This is where the Yoga Trapeze enters.

Let’s return to that Cirque du Soleil visual in your head. Remember those long cuts of fabric the acrobats use to perform their daring, intricate routines? The Yoga Trapeze is basically that with some features of a traditional hammock added to the design to support the body weight.

The Yoga Trapeze is primarily made of a main hammock seat with three straps of varying lengths attached to it. This is then lifted up by pre-knotted slip-proof ropes which are then attached metal hooks supposed to be mounted on your preferred mounting place whether it be a door frame or even a tree branch in your backyard.

Thus, the YOGABODY Naturals Yoga Trapeze is designed to take your aerial yoga practice safely to almost anywhere you want from your living room to your garden.

How do I use it?

The good news is that the Yoga Trapeze is totally beginner friendly. Though having some yoga background would make learning easier, anyone can pick up the contraption and start learning some basic poses on the first try.

What more, you can find plenty of helpful tutorials on how to use the trapeze on Youtube and ask for tips from the community of users online as well.

Here’s an example of a video you can try following.

As you may have learned from the video, the Yoga Trapeze can also be used for inversion therapy, a practice wherein a person holds inversion poses to undo the effects of gravity on the spine and the body.

The YOGABODY Naturals Yoga Trapeze promises to heal your spine and get rid of back pain in just 3 steps which can be done in 7 minutes.

  • Traction: Getting traction is one of the fastest ways to relieve lower back pain. With the Yoga Trapeze, all you need is your own body weight to create natural traction.
  • Flexibility: A lack of flexibility is cited as one of the most common causes of back pain. Improve your flexibility in a fun and easy way with the Yoga Trapeze.
  • Strength: In order to keep proper posture, you need to develop your core’s strength so it can support your back. Core training is another use for the Yoga Trapeze.


How do I install the YOGABODY Naturals Yoga Trapeze?

One of the best things about the Yoga Trapeze is the freedom it gives you to practice aerial yoga almost anywhere. What more, you can purchase your trapeze along with the installation accessories you may need depending on where you want to hang your trapeze.

Ceiling Hooks

If you want to hang your trapeze in a room inside your home, you can purchase some ceiling hooks from your local hardware store or opt for the Yoga Trapeze Official Ceiling Hooks.

Made of rock solid galvanized steel, you can rest assured that you’re safe throughout your entire aerial yoga practice sessions.

You can easily install these hooks on your own using a power drill and a ladder. For more instructions, check out this tutorial.

Trapeze Stand

If you want something less permanent, you can try out hanging your trapeze on the Yoga Trapeze Stand instead.

Opting for the trapeze stand would also enable you to take your practice literally anywhere outside now that you’re not constrained by finding exposed beams or tree branches to hang your Yoga Trapeze on.

Made of rock-solid aluminum alloy material and standing 10 feet tall, you can definitely use the stand for many other purposes like hanging punching bags or gymnastic rings and in different environments both indoors and outdoors.

Check out this video to find out how to install your trapeze on the stand.

Door Mount

Another way to hang your Yoga Trapeze is through the door mount bar. When you decide on installing the door mount bar, you’ll get a sturdy and multi-purpose exercise tool which you can use for arm exercises and aerial yoga.

The mount is designed to be used for standard door frames measuring 26 to 36 inches. One great feature of the Yoga Trapeze Door Mount Bar is that you can easily remove the bar from its mounts after every use.

To install, all you’ll need is an electric screwdriver as the package comes with all the bolts and screws necessary.

Here’s a tutorial on how to install the door mount bar.


Interested in trying out this amazing aerial yoga and inversion therapy aid? Check out the YOGABODY Naturals online store.