Best Yoga Swings for Aerial Home Yoga 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

Are you loving your regular yoga practice but wishing that there was a way to get more out of your body? Maybe you watch the powerful routines of more experienced yogis and wish you had the muscle strength to try their gravity-defying moves. You don’t have to feel behind any more. An innovative yoga tool called the yoga swing, makes even the most difficult moves safe and easy enough for beginners to try. Best of all, you’ll get incredible health benefits as well.

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What Is a Yoga Swing?

Yoga swings, alternatively called yoga trapezes or yoga hammock, are inversion tools designed to give you all the benefits of a high intensity aerial yoga routine, no matter what your skill set is right now. Consisting of a series of ropes, chords, and handles, aerial swings allow you to move your body in postures unimaginable from the ground. You’ll be able to twist your body into full back bends and hang upside down, all while feeling secure in your safety because of your connection to the ropes.

These swings are used by beginners and professionals alike as a fun way to add some different moves to their yoga routine. A popular trend at beaches and gyms, more and more people are experiencing the fun and health benefits of taking their yoga practice in a new direction- off the ground!

The Benefits of a Yoga Inversion Swing

Yoga swings might just seem like a fun toy, but they actually are an incredible way to experience some full body exercise benefits. As it turns out, lots of yoga moves are a whole lot easier to complete when you aren’t dealing with gravity! Yoga aerial swings will help you work on your strength, flexibility and balance by making it easier than ever to perform difficult back bends and abdominal exercises. Because chronic back pain comes from compression of the lumbar vertebrate in your back, just a few minutes on a swing can ease that tension and work out the compression, leaving you feeling better than you thought possible.

Using a aerial swing also requires lots of abdominal muscles, meaning you’ll be giving yourself an intensive workout without even realizing it. A consistent routine on a swing will strengthen every part of your body and help you to stave off injuries for the long term, making you healthier than before.

Adding time on a aerial swing into your weekly workout routine will make every other exercise better, as time on a swing will make you stronger, less injury prone and more able to complete complex yoga poses on the ground.

Yogabody Yoga Trapeze Trial

How To Install

Lots of people refuse to look into a yoga swing because they think they are too difficult to install. This is unfortunate, as yoga trapezes are actually simple to set up just about anywhere. With just a few pieces of high quality installation hardware, you can set up your swing in doorways, on ceilings, on tree branches and even from a swing set or chin up bar.

For true freedom of movement, you can also purchase a yoga swing stand, which is a sturdy platform that allows you to set up your swing anywhere you want, whether that’s in the middle of your backyard or right on the beach. This guide goes into some of the top toga swing platforms on the market today.

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Top Yoga Swings Reviews in 2019


There are a wide variety of yoga hammocks available to purchase, and many of them are made out of different types of materials. To find the right swing for you, look for ones made from high quality parachute nylon and that can handle a high weight limit. The better quality material you purchase, the less you will need to worry about any accidents while you are hanging upside down.

Below are some of the top yoga swings available on the market today. Each of these swings is a smart purchase, but they each have their differences as well. You can look through the listing below and find the right yoga hammock for your needs.

Our Pick: Best Yoga Swing

If you’re looking for the best yoga swing you can buy, look no further than the Yogabody Naturals Yoga Trapeze. It has everything you need to safely and effectively practice aerial yoga.

YogaBody Naturals Yoga Trapeze

Strengthen and loosen your muscles naturally with the Yogabody yoga trapeze, a device that allows the muscles surrounding your spine to loosen naturally and efficiently, using traction. This aids your back, improves your core strength and increases your complete body flexibility. With a little practice, you’ll be safely swinging away in yoga formations you never thought possible. The pro-grade quality of this model means that it’s the kind used in yoga studios around the world, making your home practice as effective as your time at the gym. With a ten year warranty, you can be be sure to enjoy this trapeze for years to come.

The highlight of this set is the swing itself which is made from sturdy parachute material fabric and can carry up to 600 pounds. This swing will surely be able to carry you safely as you through your poses and inversions. You’ll also have a choice of different colors like purple and black. Aside from the yoga swing, you’ll also get some rubber handles, carabiners on sling and handles, two knotted ropes for hanging and a drawstring bag so you can take your swing on the go.

Given all these, it’s not a surprise that this yoga swing got hundreds of positive reviews from verified purchasers. Besides, you can only expect the best from a trusted brand like Yogabody to deliver high quality yoga wear and equipment.

The only downside we could find about this yoga swing is its high price. Some may find it too expensive but hey, when it’s your safety on the line what’s splurging a few more bucks, right?

The Yogabody Naturals Trapeze is available on Amazon . You can also watch a video with installation instructions there.

Best Affordable Option

All you need is a ceiling hook to start getting the benefits of gravity defying yoga on this UpCircleSeven Yoga Hammock. This high quality swing comes in a rainbow of colors, meaning that matching your exercise equipment to your home’s décor has never been easier.  Durable triple stitched swing seat ensure the highest degree of safety during any of your yoga poses. A few minutes a day on this trapeze will quickly work to bring your yoga routines to the next level as well as reduce your stress levels and strengthen and loosen your back and shoulder muscles!

UpCircleSeven Ultra Strong Antigravity Yoga Hammock 

If you’re on a really strict budget, don’t worry! We still found a great yet affordable option for you! Save up to $20 by opting for the Up Circle Seven Yoga Swing instead.

With plenty of colors to choose from like black, cyan and orange, we’re sure you’ll appreciate this yoga swing’s simple yet sleek design. But the Up Circle Seven Yoga Swing isn’t just about the good looks. You can confidently go from pose to pose without worry as this yoga swing is made from high quality parachute material and has triple stitched seams for added support.

Its weight capacity of up to 550 pounds isn’t too far from the more expensive Yogabody swing we first reviewed. You can also say goodbye to those painful rope/fabric burns that your previous swing left on your hands as the Up Cycle Seven yoga swing comes with six padded foam handles.

Height adjustment is also made easier by this yoga swing set as it comes with two multi-loop climber strength daisy chains. Shorter people or those who are just beginners will appreciate this feature as it allows them to be closer to the floor if they’re uncomfortable with their skills yet. The hardware and instructions aren’t included, so be sure to buy what you need before installing this trapeze.

Check Price On Amazon

AGPtEK Deluxe Aerial Yoga Hammock

For those that don’t want to invest the money of more expensive models for their yoga practice, this model from AGPtEK is the perfect solution. As simple to set up as it is to use, this aerial hammock will make your yoga routine easier than ever to follow. The lightweight design is easy to stow away or take traveling with you, and the included hardware means that all you need to set up your hammock is included right in the package. Though this hammock isn’t made from the high quality parachute material that similar models include, the polyester taffeta should still be able to withstand even your most explosive uses.

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Wellsem Deluxe Yoga Hammock

The bright colors alone make this yoga hammock worth using, and the high quality design makes it a no-brainer. With a loading capacity of 2000 pounds, you’ll never have to worry about putting in more weight than it can handle. The high strength nylon material is built to withstand any exercise, meaning that you will soon be swinging your way to better health and greater flexibility. Your neck and back will be fully stretched out, leaving you feeling looser than you thought possible. No accessories are included with your purchase, so be sure to pick up mounting hooks before you decide to install it.

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Wing Swing Inversion Swing

Your inversion yoga routine has never been easier than with this high quality swing from Wing Swing. Made from high strength parachute fabric, this swing will withstand your toughest moves. As a one size fits all design, this swing is lightweight, making it easy to travel with and install wherever you are. Six easy grip handles make it easier than ever to perform complex moves, and adjustable straps allow you to personalize your swing to your exact measurements. With this swing, you’ll soon be enjoying the fully body benefits of a regular inversion yoga routine, and if you aren’t satisfied, Wing Swing’s 100% money back guarantee will work with you until you are.

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GravoTonics Inversion Swing with DVD

GravoTonics yoga inversion swing will allow you to have a completely safe yet fun way to strengthen your posture and work the muscles in your back, abs and pelvis. Any yoga posture possible can be attempted with this prop, and the parachute-quality material ensures that you stay safe in the process. Multiple adjustable handles ensure that you can make this swing into the perfect fit for you, and the included DVD will work you through the moves you need to get stronger. Whether you choose to workout from home or at the park or beach, taking this inversion swing along with you is sure to improve your exercises.

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Other Useful Aerial Yoga Accessories To Consider:

Ikea Suspension Ceiling Hooks

You’ll want to purchase these Ikea Suspension Ceiling Hooks with your yoga swing so you can safely hang it from your room’s ceiling. Although these hooks were originally made for Ikea furniture, they’ve been proven to work well as hooks for yoga swings as well. They are made from galvanized steel and are pretty affordable for the great performance they offer. According to people who have used these hooks for their yoga swings, they can hold up to 200 pounds each. So, all in all they can carry a load of up to 400 pounds which is more than enough to keep a regular person up.

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YOGABODY Naturals Trapeze Door Frame Bar Hang

If you find hanging from your room’s ceiling a bit too daunting, you can hang your yoga swing using the Yogabody Naturals Trapeze Door Frame Bar Hang. As the name implies, you attach this bar on your door’s upper frame so you can hang your yoga swing on it. Just be mindful when installing it yourself at home. Be sure to follow the instructions to avoid accidents. It can fit in most standard door frames of around 26 to 36 inches. What’s great about opting for this type of suspension is that you can use it as a chin up bar for upper body strength training as well.

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Auskit Rotational Device

When you need to attach an aerial device and want rotation, you want strength, ease of use and security. This swing swivel includes two carabineers that are spring loaded for fast and easy attachment and disconnecting. The swivel provides frictionless, quiet 360 degree rotation because of the sealed ball bearings in the device, giving a compact and symmetrical set up for your aerial use. Made of industrial grade aluminum magnesium alloy, it has a 2000 pound working load limit and will prevent ropes from twisting and knotting during use. The variability of this device allows for use with all types of rigging and hanging which give a versatility of fitness uses.
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Omni Spring Trapeze

If you are looking to add to your workout, take a look at this trapeze that will give you allow a gentle bounce and 360 degree spins. Designed by a Physical Therapist who specializes in back and neck issues, you can be certain it will help you with your fitness. The trapeze is sturdy, holding up to 300 pounds, and easy to set up on any secure archer you already use whether that be Daisy chains, a ceiling mount or a stand. The trapeze bar is 17″, allowing for a multitude of uses including 1 and 2 point suspension maneuvers. It is only 7 pounds, and includes a swivel, a U hook, and 6 safety clip hooks for easy of attachment and safety. Great for healing your body and adding strength!

View on Amazon or on the Omni Gym official website

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose a Yoga Swing

Because being suspended in the air has some safety hazards, finding a good yoga swing for your aerial yoga practice is a definite must. This is something you can’t cheap out on a sturdy yoga swing can be the only one separating you from a serious injury from falling. A proper yoga swing should be able to ensure proper alignment, safety and comfort while you’re horizontal, vertical or fully-inverted.

Aerial yoga is a popular form of exercise, so you’ll be able to find plenty of brands who offer a great variety of yoga swings at different price points.

To help you choose wisely, here are some of the things you should consider when buying a yoga swing.

Weight capacity: This shouldn’t be much of an issue if you end up choosing the recommendations we presented above. But to be safe always choose a swing which can accommodate at least double of your weight. Check the products weight capacity before purchasing it.

Portability and set up: If you travel a lot or like to do yoga in different parts of the house, pick a yoga swing that’s easy to fold up to keep and easy to setup when you need it. Pick one that comes with a bag, so you can keep it safe from ripping when not in use of in your duffle bag.

Size of the swing/hammock: Check out the dimensions of a yoga swing you’re meaning to buy to determine if it can comfortably accommodate your body size both static and in motion. Some yoga swings come in sizes. Pick one whose length and width is closest to what you need.

Swing material: This is probably the most important thing to consider when buying a swing as it will be the primary thing that you’ll make contact with and be the one to keep you up. Always choose a yoga swing that’s made from high quality parachute fabric. It’s sturdy, relatively soft and is built to last long.

Keep these things in mind and we’re sure you’ll get the best of your money and end up with a great yoga swing.

What is Aerial Yoga?

When first hearing about aerial yoga, images of flying trapeze performers from the Cirque du Soleil might have entered your mind. While they do have some similarities, it is important to know that like other forms aerial yoga isn’t done to be an entertaining performance. It is a form of exercise and meditation which mixes yoga, pilates, dance and aerobics.

The practice originated from New York and was created by a professional dancer. In aerial yoga, poses and inversions are done on a swing or hammock which is lifted off the ground.

You may already know this, but you can reap a lot of benefit from regularly practicing aerial yoga. In the long run, it will help you improve your overall flexibility while strengthening your muscles without too much strain. Your core muscles will get the most action as they’ll be the ones responsible for getting and keeping you in certain positions while suspended in air. Aerial yoga as meditation can also help you improve your focus and act as a great stress relief like regular yoga does. This type of yoga involves plenty of deep stretches that’ll help you relieve both physical and mental aches.

When you have fun exercising, it is an enormous reducer of stress while gaining significant health bonuses. While many people with back issues find some exercises simply impossible, aerial yoga is very beneficial, even more so than an inversion table. When you do aerial yoga, you are hanging free, which like an inversion table, will let your spinal column lengthen and reduce stress on it. It will give you decompression on the spine that will help you with more comfort and mobility. You will find you have more physical body awareness, more strength and will gain flexibility as well. Many people report that they find improvement in other areas of their lives through awareness and stress reduction.

A gymnast and dancer, Christopher Harrison, built aerial yoga as an exercise program that gives less stress on joints than other programs and gives relief to the vertebra. The body will not only strengthen but increase flexibility through stretching.

The aerial yoga hammock is key to anti-gravity (aerial) yoga. Traditional yoga heavily focuses on breathing, which aerial yoga does not. The hammock is a silky fabric, which provides just enough support to allow the person to move to different positions more easily. With the mix of dance, Pilates, calisthenics and yoga, aerial yoga is not only challenging but interesting to most people.

Good Hints for Aerial Yoga

Are you interested in learning a new activity for health and exercise? Have you seen all the celebrity hype about anti-gravity and aerial yoga? Has that caught your interest a little? Well, here are some tips as you try out this form of exercise:

  • You don’t want to wear loose clothing as it will get caught in the hammock you will use to perform the exercises. Comfortable wear is key.
  • You will not want shoes as they also will get caught in the hammock, so plan on bare feet.
  • Aerial yoga is intense, so as with other exercise programs you will want to be sure to drink plenty of water ahead of time and have a snack so you have the energy reserves you will need.
  • You will be going upside down, so you don’t want to have had acidic foods or drinks before exercise as you are more likely to be uncomfortable after these. Same goes for soda.
  • You will need to have a good grip while performing aerial yoga, so avoid lotion that can make your grip slippery or simply too sticky to get comfortable movement.
  • You will be working in a hammock, so you will not want anything that might catch and get stuck in the hammock, including jewelry, watches, long fingernails or even long toenails. Avoid anything that might get caught while you are performing poses.
  • Aerial yoga is something you will need assistance in learning so locate a professional and learn in a studio.

Check out your local exercise center or fitness club for classes in aerial yoga. Because you are in the air and supported by the hammock, it is an excellent exercise for people of all size and activity level. It may seem intimidating when you first take a look at it, but the benefits are well worth it and as a new and unique exercise it can be quite exciting to learn.

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Yoga Swing Stands


Looking for the best yoga swing stands? Don’t pull out your credit card just yet! Read this guide to know which to pick.

Contortionists have insane skills!

Bending themselves into awkward positions, they seem to be quite the hit with people. At times, they make you wonder whether they’re human at all!

Of course, most of us won’t ever get close to a contortionist’s level of flexibility. But hey, that doesn’t stop us from trying, right?

We’re talking about yoga, which, apart from getting you closer to your dream of being infinitely flexible, trims and tones your body. It also makes you calmer, more attractive, and reverses the effects of aging.

But, if you’re going to do yoga, you better do it right, and for that, you need a yoga trapeze. To a layman, it’s just a fancy swing designed to make you guilty for having that cheesecake, but in reality, it is an excellent tool for getting in shape.

Choosing the right one, though, is a difficult task, as the market is full of great options. Luckily, we’ve rounded this list of the five best yoga swing stands, so read on!

Top 5 Best Yoga Swing Stands

YogaBody Trapeze Stand

The worker can only be as good as her tools, so invest in the best and give yourself the full flexibility of gravity defying movement with this high quality yoga swing stand from Yoga Body. No longer will you be limited to where you can hang your hammock- now exercises can be performed anywhere, even outdoors or at the beach. You’ll be amazed how quickly your body takes to performing complex acrobatic moves, and the stability and durability of this stand ensures that you will stay safe in the process. This stand takes just minutes to set up and can support up to 600 pounds of weight, meaning you can be confident no matter what move to take on. No matter if you are am amateur just starting out or a professional seeking out top of the line products, this yoga stand will be sure to enhance your workouts in all the right ways. The yoga trapeze is sold separately.

The first item on our list is the essential trapeze stand. This stand is excellent for use with pull-ups, Olympic rings, swings, etc. and is a better option when compared to wall-mounted bars as they are prone to falling off and injuring you. Besides, the trapeze is infinitely more functional.

Product Features

  • The trapeze is made of treated aluminum alloy.
  • It weighs 70 pounds and can support up to 600 pounds.
  • It comes as a DIY kit and takes five to ten minutes to set up.
  • It measures 9.2 x 8.2 x 8.85 ft.

Why Should You Buy This?

This product is excellent for those looking to increase mobility and the range of motion of their joints.

It is excellent for treating spinal problems as it decompresses the spine by lengthening the vertebra. By allowing you to do pull-ups and similar exercises, it helps build your core and lower back.

While you could get a couple of wall-mount bars for the same purpose, they are prone to falling off and could seriously injure you. This trapeze is rock-solid and ensures that you’ll never fall while using this.

Moreover, the functionality and mobility of wall-mount bars are limited, as they can only be used indoors for pull-ups. The trapeze can be used outdoors on uneven surfaces too, such as grass.

Lastly, wall-mount bars are difficult to install, involving the use of a drill, but the DIY is ready to use in ten minutes!


  • Functional and mobile device
  • Safer than wall-mount bars
  • Made of treated aluminum alloy


  • Slightly expensive

View This Item on Amazon

Omni Stand for Yoga Swings

You are ready to use an aerial swing or other suspended exercise equipment, but you don’t want to permanently attach it to the structure of your home, this portable stand from Omni Gym  may be the answer to your needs. The Omni Stand is 7’11” so will fit in standard ceiling heights. You will want to have 7’6″ space for the base and movement. But, with these dimensions, you can hang a yoga swing, a hanging chair, a punching bag and even toning bands for your in-home workout. It is easily set up by one person in about ten minutes, portable, and durable and strong. It is constructed from 1.5″ round aluminum alloy tubing, with 3 snap in integrated handlebars, and nine O-rings on the vertical poles. The stand was designed by a physical therapist specializing in back and neck pain in order to give maximum benefit.

The second item on our list is the Omni Stand by Omni Gym. This is a portable stand that can be used to hang your yoga swing from. It is available in two colors, silver and black, and two sizes, 7’11” and 8’2”.

Product Features

  • This product has been developed and patented by Anthony Cardenas, a neck and back care expert.
  • It allows you to swivel a full 360 degrees using electronic functions.
  • It also features three snap-in handlebars and nine O-rings which act as attachment points.
  • It is made of aluminum and can support up to 300 pounds.

Why Should You Buy It?

This product is one of the most multi-functional fitness products on the market today. It works with yoga swings, hanging chairs, toning bands, etc.

Unlike most fixed stands/attachments that you buy for your home, this stand can be detached and attached using simple snap-on mechanisms. And it even checks in as airline luggage!

The stand also features three handlebars and lets you perform crunches and swing maneuvers. It also has a built-in electrical swivel feature, which enables you to swivel 360 degrees.

For indoor use, the 7’11” option works best, and Omni has worked hard to ensure that this product comes in at under 8 feet, unlike most of its competitors. If that’s too small for you, get the 8’2” model for outdoor use.

Lastly, you will never have to worry about this product breaking, as it can handle a maximum load of 300 pounds and is made of 1.5-inch aluminum tubing.


  • Incredibly portable; can be used as flight luggage
  • Available in two sizes and colors
  • Made of high-quality aluminum and has a high load rating
  • Electric swivel function is great


  • Swivel function, while great, drives cost up and is tough to fit

Check details on Omni Gym website or view this item on Amazon

KT Indoor Outdoor Yoga Trapeze Stand Frame

The third item on our list is the KT Indoor Outdoor Frame. This is a trapeze frame useful for stretching your lower back and spine and for treating conditions such as hernia, sciatica, etc. It is made of a steel alloy and is foldable. It can be used indoors and outdoors.

About the Product

  • This product features a handlebar at the top whose height can be adjusted from 70 to 100-inches.
  • It is made of a steel alloy and has a maximum load rating of 660 pounds.
  • This stand is also foldable and Khanh Trinh, the manufacturer, claims that this can be done in as little as ten seconds.
  • This stand is great for adding attachments, as yoga slings, foam grips, hanging hooks, swing chairs, etc. can be attached.

Why Should You Buy This?

This product is great if you’re suffering from a back/abdominal/leg condition, such as hernia, sciatica, etc. It allows you to stretch and twist without worrying about the stand breaking, thanks to its steel construction and high load rating.

Further, it is one of the most convenient stands on the market today, with the option to add several attachments. The handlebar is adjustable, which means it can be used indoors as well as outdoors, unlike a wall-mounted bar, which is unsafe and limits your mobility.

The stand is foldable, and the manufacturer claims that it folds in around ten seconds, which is excellent if you remain on the move a lot and don’t have much time to work out.

Lastly, this stand is also easy to move as it weighs only 28 kg. While some of that weight comes from the steel construction, it’s not too heavy and doesn’t compromise on strength.


  • Durable and strong stand
  • Adjustable handlebar height
  • Easily foldable
  • Accommodates several attachments


  • Slightly heavy
  • Frame might wobble depending on manufacturing

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Heavy Duty Porch Indoor Swing Stand

Owning a yoga swing is great, but it’s only as useful to you as the number of times that you use it. Many people buy a swing but don’t have an easy place to hang and use it, meaning that they rarely take it out of the closet and their backs stay stiff and sore instead of getting stretched out through innovative yoga poses. You can solve this problem with a yoga swing stand like this model. Easy to use in any location, this hammock stand lets you take your yoga practice anywhere you want to, no matter if it’s an empty beach or the middle of your house. As easy to assemble as it is to use, this swing stand can be put together in under ten minutes and used immediately. The twenty two interlocking pieces fit together perfectly and the easy to follow instructions make start up a cinch. All materials are covered under a one year warranty, so if you lose or break something you can simply call the company to get it replaced. Note, this stand doesn’t come with a hammock, so you will need to buy that piece separately.

Now we have on our list is the Heavy Duty Porch Indoor Swing Stand by the ambitiously named Back to 20s.

This product measures 6.3 feet in height and 7 feet both in length and width. It supports up to 500 pounds and weighs 38 pounds. It features four spots to hang your swing, one at the center and four on the beams and comes with a yoga bungee swing.

The product comes as a DIY kit, but it is easy to assemble. Measuring less than 7 feet in height, it can easily be used indoors and is great for exercises involving stretching and the lower back.

Unfortunately, this product does not accommodate a yoga trapeze swing due to its height constraint. This tradeoff, however, is justified, considering the portability of the product.

Check Price On Amazon

Height Adjustable Aerial Fitness Rig

This aluminum aerial rig is perfect for fitness uses, for yoga, hoops, and low silks. It is lightweight and portable, with four telescopic legs with attached feet, adapter loops at the top which gives it the ability to be used for different apparatuses. Because of the variable height use, it can be placed at either 1m height and up to 3.4m, with multiple options for heights in between through the use of the telescopic poles and tension D-rings. The base width will vary with the height, from 2 to 4m.
Shipping weight is 66.1 pounds and this rig is rated for up to 600 pounds, although the makers recommend a weight limit of 400 pounds for aerial use. It is NOT recommended for swinging disciplines at any level.

The final item on our list is the Prior Outdoor Co. Limited Height Adjustable Aerial Fitness Rig.

This is one of the best aerial rigs on the market, and the bar adjusts in 4-inch increments from 3.3-feet to 11.2-feet by making use of telescopic poles. The width is also adjustable, from 6-feet to 12-feet. It also comes with two adapter rings at the top for various attachments.

The frame is strong and sturdy as it made from magnesium alloy and stainless steel. It can hold a maximum load of 600 kilograms. It disassembles for portability. It should not be used for any sudden and jerky swinging movements, as its height makes it prone to tipping over.

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Yoga Swing Stands: Buyer’s Guide

If Mr. Peanutbutter were here, he’d say, “Is this a crossover episode?”, because aerial yoga combines conventional yoga, pilates, and strap/swing/hammock-based exercises.

It is a relatively new field of yoga as well as exercise, but those who practice aerial yoga claim fast relief from several ailments, increase in joint strength and boost in general well-being.

Aerial yoga also facilitates the functions of the circulatory, digestive, excretory, etc. systems.

This form of yoga is one of the most accessible and easy exercises to pick up. The American Council of Exercise ran a study on aerial yoga and, apart from finding that women aged between 18-45 lost an average of 2 pounds and increased their oxygen intake capacity by 11 percent, also found that most first-timers needed no special instructions to pick it up.

If all of that doesn’t convince you to pick it up, then maybe the fun factor will!

Many who pick up aerial yoga return to it and carry it out consistently because, unlike regular yoga, it is fun! The sheer joy of flipping round and round, knowing that you’re effortlessly losing weight, toning your body, making yourself fitter and healing ailments with minimal effort is unbeatable!

What is a Yoga Swing Stand?

As the name suggests, a yoga swing stand is a frame made by connecting metal tubes and bars with points for attaching swings to it. It lets you practice aerial yoga by allowing you to suspend your body from the stand by a swing.

Unlike a traditional wall-mounted setup involving fixed bars, a swing stand is usually portable. It can also support a lot of weight, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. At times, they even feature electronic functions.

They can also be used for hanging other attachments from them, such as straps, hammocks, grips, etc.

Yoga Swing Stand vs. Ceiling/Wall-Mount

One of the most frequent questions asked about yoga swing stands is, “How are they better than a ceiling/wall-mount bar?”.

Ceiling and wall-mount bars are drilled into their respective places; however, upon repeated use, the fittings get stressed and start to flex and crack. The tiny cracks are imperceptible and can only be noticed when you’ve landed on your bum, wishing you’d gotten a swing stand!

In comparison, a yoga stand does not need to be drilled; instead, all it demands is a ten-minute assembly. The fittings are highly unlikely to give away, making them a much safer option.

Also, yoga stands do not limit your mobility, as they can be used indoors as well as outdoors. And they are also very functional, as most of their fixtures and fittings can be adjusted to suit your needs.

How to Install a Yoga Swing Stand?

Installing a swing stand is so simple, even a toddler could do it! Okay, maybe not a toddler, but the point is, it is simple.

While assembly depends a lot on the product, generally, most stands have metal tubes which attach to each other. Typically, this is done by screws, bolts, brackets or snapping mechanisms.

While most swings do not have electrical features, the few that do have a specific and detailed procedure for setup, which might add a little complexity.

Always refer to the manual provided by the manufacturer for setup. Do not do it yourself, as incorrect assembly might even result in fatal injury.

What to Look for When Buying?

If you want to buy the best yoga swing stand, look out for the following factors:

1. Construction Material

Most stands are made of steel or aluminum. Steel is heavier and denser and, as a result, sturdier than aluminum. However, aluminum frames tend to be much lighter and portable than steel frames.

If you’re a relatively healthy person, get a steel stand, but if you need to carry the stand around, get an aluminum one.

2. Mounting Points

Check for swing/strap mounting points on the stand. The more mounting points there are, the better, as you can fix more attachments to the stand.

3. Adjustability

Most frames feature some sort of a crossbar to help you stretch. This crossbar usually adjusts for height and, in some cases, even adjusts for width. Check how far the crossbar adjusts and whether it is ideal for your needs.

4. Dimensions

If you’re looking for an indoor stand, try to get one shorter than 8 feet. However, if you plan to use your swing stand outdoors, you can get one larger than that.


Swing stands are the latest class of products to hit the competitive industry of fitness equipment. However, they’re more than just a fad and can be indispensable if you wish to practice aerial yoga. All the items in this list are great, and you can’t go wrong with any of them.

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