Do you have back problems which makes lying in bed uncomfortable for you? Perhaps you and your partner are looking for something that will help you spice up things in the bedroom? Maybe you’re getting tired of doing yoga on the floor and would like to try something that would make your practice a little bit more comfortable and interesting. Well whatever your motivation is, it has surely sent you out on a hunt for a great yoga chaise lounge chair. And you came to the right place!
Here we’ve gathered the three best reviewed yoga chaises that you can buy online. Read our accompanying buying guide to help you decide which of the three will work for you the best.

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Best Yoga Chair Stretch Chaises

Yoga chaise lounges are primarily marketed as a relaxation furniture for those who have back problems or as an aid those who do yoga and stretching. These chairs are designed to accommodate a person’s back comfortably with its strategically placed humps and firm cushion support. However, some people use yoga chaises as a more affordable alternative to the famous sex furniture, The Tantra Chair.

Here are three yoga chair that are perfect for all three purposes.

US Pride Furniture Faux Leather Stretch Chaise and Yoga Chair

This US Pride Furniture yoga chair is a 48-pound faux leather chair that is designed for relaxation and yoga. However, most people who bought this yoga chair stretch chaise bought and used it for intimate relaxation in the bedroom. The chair comes in a solid black color and is slightly elevated off the floor by four short legs. It measures 29 inches by 14 inches by 67 inches and is made out of solid wood and uses PVC foam as cushion covered by faux leather material. This chair can efficiently support that weight of two persons of average height and weight.
People who bought this US Pride Furniture chair say that it came a little bit shorter than what was advertised in its product description. However, this won’t be much of a problem unless you or your partner is really tall. The chair is great for relaxation and meditation as well but can be a bit wobbly given that is elevated. View on Amazon

Divano Roma Furniture Modern Lounge Chaise Yoga Chair

If you’re looking for a stretch chaise with a lower incline, this Divano Roma Furniture chair might be the on for you.
It is a mid-century style chair made of soft bonded leather. It comes in a variety of colors such as blue, camel, brown and, of course, black. The chair has a hardwood frame and legs. Its cushion is made from high density foam which will give you extra durability as well as comfort. The chair measures 34 inches w x 30 inches d x 32 inches h.
Be warned that this yoga chair will need some assembly as its legs need to be screwed in before you can use it.
People who bought the product liked it for its affordable price tag and considerably good quality. They mostly used the chair in the bedroom and found it very helpful when trying out new positions. View on Amazon

US Pride Furniture Deluxe Stretch Chaise and Yoga Chair

Here we have another one from US Pride Furniture. This its their deluxe stretch chaise and yoga chair.
This chair is made with same materials as the first one we reviewed. It has the same faux leather cover, PVC foam cushion and solid wood frame. It measures 29.3 inches by 24 inches by 64 inches and weighs about 60 inches.
So, what makes this chair earn the name deluxe? Well, it comes with two removable pillows: one that sits on the top hump and another that sits on the hollow of the chair. These pillows give you more variety when it comes to relaxing, doing yoga or lovemaking.
People who bought this chair found it perfect for relaxation and meditation. Others even used the chair as a lounge chair while playing video games or watching television in their living rooms. However, some commented that the chair is too small to accommodate two people on it. View on Amazon

Buyer’s Guide to Finding the Best Yoga Chaise Sofa

Yoga chairs are great because of their multifunctionality. You can use them for a variety of relaxing activities. What more, most of these chairs are designed to fit most living room or bedroom style scheme so they blend well with other furniture depending on the color of the chair you’ll get.
But before you go online shopping for your first yoga chair, there are certain considerations you need to think about first. The best chair model is the one that fits your personals needs, current space and budget. Here are some things you need to consider:


The good thing about yoga chair is that they are cheaper than regular sitting furniture. They are also much more affordable than the original Tantra Chair, which typically reach thousands of dollars, for those couples looking for an aid in their lovemaking. The ones included on our list range from around $130 up to $270. We consider this a reasonable price range considering quality and affordability. You might find ones that are cheaper, but we don’t recommend them. As they say, with cheap products you get what you pay for.

Size and Weight

Yoga chaises are also much smaller and lighter than regular chaises so don’t be surprised if the chair delivered to you is smaller than expected.
When looking for a chair, you should consider first if you’re using it as a lounging and relaxation chair or as a special chair for you and your partner. Generally, you’ll want a chair that can accommodate your height and weight comfortably, preferably with room to spare. Check out the dimensions of the chair which you can easily find in its product description. If you plan on using the chair with your partner, check out the chair’s maximum weight capacity first and ensure that it can carry your collective weight to avoid accidents. We also recommend that you opt for designs that don’t have legs as elevation might be dangerous with rigorous movements.
You should also consider how you’ll be storing or displaying your chair once you get it to your home. Will you keep it solely in the bedroom or the living room? Or would you like to be able to move it around the house? Choose a chair that is around 48 pounds in weight. It offers you stability when lying down on it as well as mobility should you decide to move the chair from room to room.

Material and Style

Whether you’re using the chair for relaxation, exercise or lovemaking, we recommend that you stick with models that are made of leather or faux leather. This material is easy to clean. You can easily wipe sweat and other bodily fluids that drip on it with a wet rag. It will not stain or leave unpleasant odors on your chair. What more, leather doesn’t harbor allergens like dust mites and the like. People with allergies won’t have to worry much about having an attack while relaxing. A leather cover also feels soft and comfortable while still giving the benefit of being firm.
Yoga stretch chairs come in a variety of colors as well. They are mostly in one solid color giving them a minimalist and clean look which makes it easy to incorporate into any living room décor. These chairs don’t really differ much in their design except for the height of their two humps and the depth of the chair’s hollow area. You can find the measurements of these areas on the chair’s product description. Your choice will greatly depend on your own preferences, but we recommend that you get one with a high top hump if you’re using the chair in the bedroom and a lower top hump if you’re using the chair for lying down relaxation.

Additional adjustments

Some chairs come with additional small pillows. You can use these if you want to adjust your sitting position to make yourself more comfortable. Since, you wouldn’t be able to test the chair out when you buy it off the Internet, we recommend that you get one that comes with these pillows. Doing so, would ensure that you can find a position that will make your back feel comfortable even if you the chair’s measurements doesn’t match up with its product description.